You are allowed three absences.  I do not need excuses (especially ones about vomiting) for days on which you are absent, however if materials are due that day and you fail to provide them to me electronically before the start of class, you will obviously receive a penalty for failing to turn in required material.  For each additional absence, your grade for the course will be reduced by an increment (e.g. A to A-).

If you are late, I will count you absent for half the day.  Two late arrivals to class will constitute your being counted absent for one day.

Emergency Absences:

If you have an emergency of whatever kind and are unable to attend class, you must contact the Assistant Dean of your college as soon as possible so as to receive proper documentation and be excused from attendance or late submissions of assignments as necessary.  I am not an authorized agent to determine what is an is not an emergency, so it is imperative that you follow these guidelines as your Assistant Dean will contact me directly.


Please bring whatever you find best to write on to class every day (e.g. computers, pen/cil and paper, NOT CELL PHONES).  However, what is best for writing is not always the best for reading.  I have generally held the rule that all course readings should be printed out and brought in to class, however I am unsure if this is simply because I like reading this way and am trying to push my preferences on others.  So, I am open to computers, however if you are distracted and off-task (i.e., not using them to look at readings or take notes during discussion), I will ask you to leave your computer at home or in your bag during class unless asked otherwise.  I do not allow the use of cell phones in class at all.

Passing Grades:

You must pass this course with a “C-” per university requirements.  If you receive any grade lower than a “C-,” you will have to repeat the course with no additional degree credit.

University Writing Center:

The University Writing Center, located in Memorial 016, provides free assistance to students on all types of writing.  Trained, one-on-one tutors are there daily to help you, and they are pretty much all awesome.  You may make an appointment at udel.mywconline.net or by calling (302) 831-1168.  This is an extremely valuable service that I highly recommend you use throughout the course of this semester.  Students who take advantage of the Writing Center have been in my experience also the most successful.

Academic Integrity:

All work that you submit for this course must be your own.  If this is unclear, please refer to the University Guidelines for Academic (Dis)Honesty.

Disabilities and Special Needs:

If you have a disability and will require special assistance and/or classroom accommodations, let me know as soon as absolutely possible so I can arrange to take this into account.  In addition, you will need to register with the Office of Disability Support Services (302-831-4563) for proper documentation of your disability.

Course Evaluations:

At the end of the course, you will be asked to evaluate your experience as well as my teaching (including reading and assignments).  I will be very, very grateful if everyone completes evaluations as I highly value feedback on my work.