Who’s Job is it?

Doyle’s essay on campus sex and campus security there is a huge emphases on how the media often gets the story wrong in order to sell more of their product.  As story from Rolling Stone documents a case incorrectly and left victims as predators and vice versa.  Do you believe that there is a problem with how the mainstream media approaches the topic of rape and sexual assault or do you think that more often than not they get it right?  How does this differ from the use of social media especially in the hands of college students?


In this article we also see some disconnect from the student body and the governing body of the school.  Often times the university is looking to cover the trails of rape and sexual assault in order to keep the schools reputation in the clear.  At UC Davis nonviolent protest was broken up by police with force that could be seen as excessive.  This raid on the protest was ordered by the Chancellor and was carried out by campus police in order to keep normality on campus, yet as stated before reports of rape and sexual assault are not documented or handled well or at all.  Why do you think campuses fight against nonviolent protest but are unwilling to fight against the violent acts of rape and sexual assault?  Do you think our campus offers enough support for victims or is it pretty much the same at every college?


Title Nine protects students from not being sexually biased against and is in place to create a safe area for students in college.  Do you believe it is doing its job well enough?  Do you think it is the governments, student’s, or college’s fault for the number of rape and sexual assaults on campus?  Do you think that the college should have any say in cases of rape and sexual assault on their campus or should it be sent right to the police in order for them to effectively and fairly take care of the situation?  Would state police taking care of all rape and sexual assault charges start to reduce the rate at which they happen?  Or is the college the one that really has to step up and take care of the situation on its campus?

Apparatus- any system or systematic organization of activities, functions,processes, etc., directed toward a specific goal:

Fractal- relating to or of the nature of a fractal or fractals