Monday, 5/2

Happy Monday!

Modes of Presenting:

  1. Poster-style presentation
    1. Translate your final essay into images and texts you put on a poster board
    2. Be able to talk through your poster and why you ordered sections of it the way you did, why you chose to include what you did.
  2. Videos/Films (1-2 minutes long)
    1. Make a video that roughly mirrors your paper.
    2. You can include sound, video, images, and text.
    3. The Multimedia Center in the library has video cameras, GoPros, and sound studios you can use free of charge. (
    4. Be able to talk through your video/give a wrap-up of it at the end, explaining the choices you made about what to include and why.
  3. PowerPoints
    1. Create a PowerPoint that outlines main arguments and examples of your paper.
    2. DO NOT BOG DOWN THE POWERPOINT WITH TOO MUCH TEXT. Too much text on the screen will bore your audience. You should be able to talk through your presentation in five minutes without reading straight from the ppt.
  4. Essay turned Conference Paper OR Lecture
    1. Turn your essay into a smaller, more read-able text (about four pages long), or design a lecture/presentation you can give verbally to the class.
    2. Writing to read out loud is very different than writing to read silently (you should have very clear transitions, and shorter sentences than usual).
  5. Cartoons/Advertisements
    1. Turn your essay into a political-style cartoon or an advertisement.
    2. Again, be able to talk through your cartoon or advertisement.
    3. Consult for this in order to get ideas for design, layout, word choices, and so on.

(Optional) Pairing up:

  • I am open to two people working collaboratively on a presentation, however it needs to be clear how work has been split equally between the two of you.
  • I am also open to the two of you acting out skits that in some way demonstrate important take-aways from your essay, however it will need to be clear how you’re demonstrating them (there will need to be some explanation at the end).


Talk with your group about what you are planning on/thinking about presenting, and what medium you are going to translate your paper into. Ask for feedback on ways you can successfully present your info in an engaging and fun way, and what your group members think about the choices you plan to make/things you intend to include.


Author: jcoopman

A Graduate Student in the University of Delaware English Department who teaches English 110.

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