Wednesday, 4/20

Good afternoon!


Sentence Outlines.

General Guidelines for Introductions:

  1. Begin with a fact.
  2. Give an overview/summary of different sides.
  3. State why the issue you’re discussing is important.
  4. State your thesis/argument (should act as a kind of road map for organizing the presentation of your ideas throughout the essay).


Look at the sample introduction by “Anonymous Awesome Student.”  Point out how he:

  1. Sets up his topic.
  2. How he introduces his argument.
  3. Where he presents counterarguments.
  4. Where he points out the significance/importance of what he has to say.
  5. Where he presents his thesis.

Then, looking at your own sentence outlines, re-visit your introduction and see if the paragraphs you marked as main points are in some way alluded to in your introduction.  Try to follow the general guidelines for writing introductions, and revise yours as necessary.


  1. Send the second draft of Essay 2 to me and your group members by midnight tonight.
  2. Write reader-responses (try to focus especially on introductions, transitions between paragraphs, and incorporation of counter-arguments) to your group members’ papers and submit them by the beginning of class Friday.

Author: jcoopman

A Graduate Student in the University of Delaware English Department who teaches English 110.

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