Monday, 4/11

Good afternoon!


Take a few minutes to talk about what kind of sources you’ve been working with for your final essays and describe your research process.  Have you started finding sources for your topic yet (you should be!!)?  Have you found good research on your topic?  Are you having difficulty finding material that lines up with what you want to say? What search terms have you been using, and what databases have you been using?  Finally, have your sources helped you develop your own ideas, or do you find them in disagreement with your own?

In essay groups:

Try running a few searches through the library database or Google Scholar and see what you can come up with.  Try to make sure to think about how the articles you find/have found could be used, or if they don’t necessarily fit with one another.  Ask your group members if they have additional ideas of terms you could input in order to broaden your scope of research.


  • Submit the first draft of Essay 2 through email to me by midnight on Wednesday (if you have a conference Wednesday, get it to me by about 11am).
  • Don’t forget to show up to the conference time you signed up for!
  • Enjoy your week!

Author: jcoopman

A Graduate Student in the University of Delaware English Department who teaches English 110.

7 thoughts on “Monday, 4/11”

  1. I have found tons of sources on my essay topic. I have been using Google Scholar a lot because all the articles are peer reviewed and a lot of them are insanely helpful. i haven’t encountered ANY difficulty trying to find sources on my topic because there is just so much out there that is related to it. i have been using the technique of putting key search words in quotations which has proven very helpful and has gotten me many articles directly related to my topic and even my stance on it.


  2. I have used google scholar and the UD library to find scholarly sources for my paper. I have found a lot of statistics about my topic, which will give credibility to my argument. I have also found an article on the atlantic that goes along well with my topic. I still need to find a couple more sources for different things that I plan to talk about in my essay. Overall, it has not been too difficult to find information about my topic, however, it can be difficult to find information that lines up directly with each of the things I plan to talk about (for example, the effect a big school has on a student’s mental well-being). The sources that I have found are helping me develop my argument and are supporting what I am saying and giving my essay credibility.


  3. I am happy to report that I have found sources for my paper, including a handful from The Chronicle, The Atlantic, and even The White House. I hope to find reliable sources with statistics regarding sexual assault and rape on college campuses, most likely sources like the CDC should have information. I am having the most difficulty finding articles regarding a counterargument, specifically stating something to the extent that “sexual assault on college campuses are blown out of proportion.” When searching I have been using the terms “college” and “sexual assault”, and in order to find sources for a counterargument, I may use terms such as “sexual assault” and “victim blaming” to possibly send me in the right direction. I am trying to stay impartial with an opinion, since having a non-bias stance is very important in the research of a psychology major, so this will act as practice. Many of the sources tend to take a stance one way or another, which is not surprising, but they have yet to hinder the direction that I hope to have my paper go.


  4. I’ve been looking on google scholar and the library data bases to find articles on issues that surround gun control. A lot of the articles share the ideals of some of the presidential candidates and what they want to do about gun control. Also I’ve found some pretty interesting articles about the mental state of the people that are committing these mass shootings and I want to find some information of ways to possibly help them. I’ve had a little difficulty finding peer reviews articles that contain information that I want to use but I haven’t really looked that hard so I need to work on that more. The sources I’ve found have definitely taught me a lot about the topic but I’m still developing my own opinion on what should be done.


  5. I went over google scholars and found some sources related to free speech this weekend. There is a good essay about free speech and self governance which I may use as a main source and inspiration for my essay. I was also looking for non academic sources like comics or smaller essays written by students, to get a feel for on campus opinions about free speech.


  6. I have found a lot of sources that I can use for my paper in addition to the one given on the main page. I have been using google scholar because I have been taught to use it before. Almost all of he sources I have found have had the same opinion that I want to portray in my paper. I havent had many problems finding my sources just have to relearn how to correctly find sources on my topic. The sources I have found have given me more ideas than I thought I was going to have at the start, they are coming together well.


  7. Yes, I have found many sources on my topic. It has been pretty easy because as I read articles, they have cited other links, to articles, that are also about my topic. I started off using the NY times database and from there I found other sources, using the websites that the NY times articles cited. The sources defiantly helped me develop my own ideas and support what I am writing about.


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